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Erin Skitch Complete Performance Centre  KINGSTON ROAD / NOTION ROAD Ajax, ON
Tammy White Harwood Chiropractic & Massage Centre  MONARCH / WESTNEY Ajax, ON
Bin Wang Bin Wang, RMT  WESTNEY DR. / HWY401 AJAX, ON
Jeanelle Arauz Jeanelle Arauz, RMT  N/A Ajax, ON
Lotus Chan Lotus Chan RMT @ Women's Health Physiotherapy Centre  ELIZABETH ST N / OLD KINGSTON RD NE Ajax, ON
Justin Lewis Complete Performance Centre  HWY 2 / BROCK ROAD AJAX, ON
Shairoz Lalani Westney Heights Chiropractic Centre  WESTNEY ROAD / HWY 401 Ajax, ON
Emilie Hamel Emilie Hamel, RMT  WESTNEY RD S / KINGSTON RD Ajax, ON
Brian Jones Unique Family Chiropractic  WESTNEY AVE.  N / WILLIAMSON DR. W Ajax, ON
Michelle Francis-Smith Michelle Smith, RMT  SALEM N / KINGSTON ROAD E Ajax, ON
Jimmy Locquiao Complete Performance Centre  HWY 2 E / NOTION ROAD S Ajax, ON
Paula Rutherford Paula Rutherford, RMT  KINGSTON RD. W N / CHURCH ST. E Ajax, ON
Jeanette St. Hill Jeanette R. V. St. Hill, RMT  WESTNEY/401 N / Ajax, ON
Roxanne Migneault Ajax Chiropractic & Wellness  BAYLY W / HARWOOD  N AJAX, ON
Michelle Berentschot Whole Body and Mind  WESTNEY ROAD S / SHAW COURT Ajax, ON
Darren Stevens Ajax Chiropractic and Wellness  BAYLY W / HARWOOD S Ajax, ON
Amber Parkinson Amber Parkinson Massage  KINGSTON RD / SALEM Ajax, ON
Gail Sheehan Durham Orthopedic Sports Injury Clinic  Church / Kingston AJAX, ON
Ioannis Tantoulos Asclepius Massage Therapy  SALEM E / TAUNTON S Ajax, ON
K Anastasia Cameron Whole Body and Mind  WESTNEY S / BAYLY STREET W Ajax, ON

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