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Michael Haromy Michael Haromy, RMT  FINCH / WHITES PICKERING, ON
Bob Rajput My TLC Clinic Inc  Kingston / Liverpool PICKERING, ON
Cherie Marshall Rouge River Chiropractic  ALTONA / KINGSTON RD Pickering, ON
Carmelo Brual Carmelo Brual, RMT  N/A Pickering, ON
Piroska Kennedy Healing Space Massage Clinic  BROCK RD N / Hwy 401 E Pickering, ON
Greg Quirk Greg Quirk, RMT  DIXIE ROAD / HIGHWAY #2 Pickering, ON
Stefan Sultan-Khan Fletcher Chiropractic  N/A PICKERING, ON
Ryan Kempt Physio Clinic West Durham  BROCK ROAD S / BAYLY STREET Pickering, ON
Natalie Halle Bayly Street Chiropractic Centre  BAYLY / LIVERPOOL PICKERING, ON
Rosa Wong Rosa Wong, RMT  KINGSTON ROAD / WALNUT LANE E Pickering, ON
Holly Leduc Rougemount Physiotherapy  KINGSTON RD (HWY #2) / ROUGEMOUNT DRIVE Pickering , ON
Kristi Abe Spinal Mechanics  BROCK ROAD / BAYLY STREET Pickering, ON
Ryan Hill Duffins Creek Health Center  KINGSTON RD / NOTION RD PICKERING, ON
Jessica Raedisch ajaxpickering  CHURCH N / HWY 2 NW pickering, ON
Tyler Paterson Tyler Paterson, RMT  HIGHWAY 124 N / THOMPSON CRESCENT E ERIN, ON
Alan Diong LifeMark Pickering Rehab  KINGSTON RD / LIVERPOOL PICKERING, ON
Melissa Lester Active Integrative Medicine  N/A Pickering, ON
Liz Goslin Massage Addict Pickering  WHITES RD N / KINGSTON RD Pickering, ON
Allison Witty The Wellness Spa  VALLEYFARM RD S / KINGSTON RD E Pickering, ON
David Symonds Massage Addict  N/A Pickering, ON
Nick Lakhan Fitnessaspex  WHITES ROAD / KINGSTON ROAD Pickering, ON
Mary-Louise Hubbard Mary Hubbard, RMT  N/A pickering , ON

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